Our goals

Resource saving and increased productivity of works on chemical processing of field and horticultural crops.

Universalization of technical means used to protect crops from diseases and pests.

Unification of designs and manufacturing technologies for parts, assemblies and assemblies.

About Campany

The joint venture in the form of a limited liability company (JV LLC) "AGRIXIM" was established in 1997 with the participation of foreign capital. Develops, manufactures, maintains and repairs equipment for the chemical protection of plants from diseases and pests, trains machine operators on its operation. Sprayers and pollinators handle all agricultural crops cultivated in the Republic.

Производятся разные модификации универсальных, навесных на трактор опрыскивателей вентиляторных с выносным бранд¬спойтом. Опрыскиватели предназначены для обработки больших массивов полевых сельхозкультур, а также садов, виноградни¬ков, тутовых насаждений и др.

Various modifications of universal, tractor-mounted fan sprayers with a remote hose are produced. Sprayers are designed for processing large tracts of field crops, as well as orchards, vineyards, mulberry plantations, etc.

This technique can be used for sanitary and epidemiological treatment of livestock farms and premises. The offered sprayers and pollinators are superior in productivity and economy to the machines used in Central Asia.

The products are certified and meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.

Our Team